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Owner Lazarusranger
Vehicle 2001 F0rd Ranger
Engine Type 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Vehicle Class
Color Flat black
Updated 12-06-2016 06:43 PM
Mileage 239,000 Miles
Purchase Date
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 250

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2001 2.5. Odometer says 239k engine and parts say otherwise.
Bigger tires
Heavy duty towing suspension
3 inch lift
New crate motor
Newer 5 speed transmission
3.73 gears
Cold air intake
Free flow exhaust
New waterpump, IAC valve, TPS, EGR system, high output coils, new plugs/wires, fuel pump, injectors, fan and fan clutch, new radiator, power steering pump, radiator hoses, clutch master cylinder, and probably some more I'm missing.

ToDo List
I want to eventually turbo this build, I have a new motor and everything is in perfect conditions to do so.

I want to put a cam in it and have read that 2.3 cams can be used in the 2.5 with the correct followers, can somebody elaborate on this?

I will do full forged internals, will somebody send me what I need and links for such parts?
I'm not rich, I work in a mechanics shop so tools are no issue, just time and money.

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